What is DHT Special Services?

Specialised Cleaning Services: Restoration to Safe Environments

DHT Special Services is an extension of the long running housekeeping, cleaning and concierge service business, DontHaveTime. We provide advanced services of water damage restoration and mould remediation. With fully trained technicians on both the Central Coast and Mid-North Coast regions of NSW, DHT Special Services is ready to act from Pearl Beach to Emerald Beach and anywhere in between.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Loss Event and Flood Cleanups

‘Water loss events’ can come from something as simple as leaky plumbing or as disastrous as a full scale floodwater inundation. Regardless, response time is critical and well-trained, experienced technicians can make all the difference to the restoration outcome.

What is our approach to water damage restoration?

In simple terms, our approach to these water loss events involves:

  • Identify and mitigate the water source.
  • Extract excess water and remove any contaminated or damaged elements of the building and contents.
  • Apply chemical treatments where necessary.
  • Install a balanced drying system.

For those that have insurance, lodging a claim is almost inevitable. Check whether the insurer will allow you to appoint an independent certified restorer of your choice. If made to wait for one of the insurer’s nominated restorers, particularly in a disaster-scale event, you may be left waiting for days or weeks before action is taken and by then your flood claim may develop into a potentially hazardous mould problem.

Mould Remediation

Habitation and Event Related

Mould can cause major property damage as well as health risks. We offer mould remediation for event related situations, as well as mould consultation and remediation for safe habitation.

Event related mould remediation

It is a sad reality that particularly in disaster situations, there will not be enough resources to address all claims in enough time to prevent the development of mould in water damaged buildings.

In this case a ‘make-safe’ is often performed which involves removing and/or encapsulating the area of visible mould growth as an interim measure until more extensive action can be considered by the insurer.

This process can cause cross-contamination if not conducted correctly so it is imperative that fully trained and equipped technicians perform the work.

Habitation mould consultation and remediation

Intrinsically linked to water, mould can develop through less obvious means than a water loss event.

Sources of water vapour from daily activity like human (and animal) breath, cooking, showering and drying clothes inside can accumulate, condense and provide a perfect environment for mould to thrive.

A successful mould remediation outcome will NOT be achieved without adequately addressing all moisture sources. This is generally a multi-disciplinary and complex process requiring close collaboration with the occupants and the consultant.

Clean for a new day

Meth Cleanups

Our team is trained and equipped to ensure your property is safe and free from residues left from meth and illicit drug use contamination. We have a set plan that covers testing, cleanup and airing of your property.

About Us

We are a family run business with 12 years of housekeeping, cleaning and garden services on the Central Coast.

Our team is fully licensed and insured, and focused on meticulous cleaning solutions and the health of your home.

Who We Are

Fire Water and Mould Technician


12 years cleaning with DHT

  • IICRC water restoration
  • IICRC mould remediation
  • IICRC fire restoration
  • Mould tech

Call Lucas: 0468 331 250

Meth Restoration Technician


12 years cleaning with DHT

  • Meth restoration
  • Meth testing
  • Trainer
Meth Restoration Technician


1 year with DHT

  • IICRC mould remediation
  • IICRC water restoration
  • Chef
Cleaning Organising and Admin


9 years with DHT

  • Bookkeeping
  • Office administration
  • Coordinator & team manager
Mould Cleaner and Water Restoration Technician


3 years with DHT

  • Meth testing
  • Meth remediation
  • 2 years criminal psychology
Water Restoration Technician


2 years with DHT

  • IICRC water restoration
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Studying communications

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